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Use Cases

Use case 1: Metaverse as an enabler of a Modern Workplace

This UC will demonstrate how network densification via distributed cell-free can make untethered Metaverse UCs a reality, offering an acceptable quality of experience, and the ability of immersive social interactions.

PoC 1: Holoconferencing in
a Virtual Meeting room

This PoC will demonstrate an evolutionary “holoconference” scenario, showcasing ultrahigh-speed with low-latency communication (uHSLLC) that is made possible with distributed cell-free technologies.

PoC 2: Virtual Team Building activities

This PoC will demonstrate a revolutionary scenario, showcasing ultrahigh data density (uHDD) communications and Joint Communication and Sensing enablers.

Use case 2: 6G applications
for Industry 4.0

This Use Case will focus on Industry 4.0 applications and demonstrate how 6G enablers can contribute towards more efficient operators, leveraging autonomous robots, digital twinning and XR.

PoC 1: Autonomous robots
in Industry 4.0

The PoC-1 of this use case will show how 6G will support autonomous robots for industry 4.0. The autonomous robot will move in the factory while having low-latency communication. It will move objects from position A to B according to the received request from a server.

PoC 2: AR inspection of Industry 4.0 digital twin on site

PoC 2 will show how 6G support remote Digital Twin visualization through an Augmented Reality (AR) interface, by superposing SCADA data on the real object. The PoC will exploit AR to enable an inspection feature for discovering malfunctioning elements in indoor Oil and Gas systems.

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