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6G-BRICKS at Sploro Cascade Funding Webinar Series

We’re excited to share the highlights from Session#9 of the Sploro Cascade Funding Webinar Series, which took place on February 16, 2024. This collaborative event brought together industry experts and innovators to explore the latest #CascadeFunding opportunities.

Key Presentations Included:

  • Presentation by Dr. Ioanna Ioannou, PhD (6G-BRICKS Project): Dr. Ioannou, the Open Call Manager of 6G-BRICKS, shared insightful updates on the project’s open calls, detailing the selection process for sub-projects aimed at experimentation on the 6G-BRICKS experimental infrastructure.

  • SynergistEIC Presentation by Mircea Vădan (Spherik Accelerator): Mircea Vădan presented SynergistEIC, an EU-funded program supporting digital and deeptech startups in key GreenTech impact areas, fostering growth and innovation.

  • AI REDGIO 5.0 Presentation by Naia Muruaga Balbuena (CARSA): Naia Muruaga Balbuena shared insights into the first open call of AI REDGIO 5.0, focusing on SME-driven experiments in AI implementation at the Edge and Industry 5.0 systems.

The webinar, organized by Sploro, served as a dynamic platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas, explore funding opportunities, and foster innovation in various technology sectors.

Stay tuned for updates on future events and opportunities!

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