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6G-BRICKS will organize two rounds of open calls to select up to 14-26 sub-projects for the roll-out of 3rd party experiments on 6G-BRICKS experimental infrastructure. A total of € 1.680.906 corresponding to 20% of the project’s total budget, will be provided in the form of lump sum funding of up to €120.000 with max €60.000 per beneficiary. The objective of the Open Calls is to validate the capabilities, functionalities and performance of the 6GBRICKS experimental facility in extended domains which will complement those of the internal Use Cases.

FSTP (Financial Support for Third Parties) recipients: Beneficiaries must be consortia composed of up to 2 legal entities SME and/or Big Company and/or RTO, from EU member states or associated countries to Horizon Europe. All applicants should provide their Participant Identification Code (PIC), which is a 9-digit number that serves as a unique identifier for legal entities participating in European funding programmes.

Size of submission expected: From 14 to 26 sub-projects are to be selected depending on the participants per submitted project.

Countries: EU member State and its Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) and Horizon Europe Associated Countries.

Duration of sub-project: 6 months

Budget: €1,680,906 (€120,000 per project with maximum of €60,000 per beneficiary)

A dedicated allocation of at least 30% of the total budget has been earmarked specifically to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Call dates: Two submission periods with two months of dissemination of the call

Open Call 1

Feasibility Check: 27th of December,2023 -29th of February ,2024

Submission period: January – March, 2024

Proposals for covering, but not limited:

Topics 2 and 9 will be exclusively designated for SMEs.

Feasibility Check

The open call proposers are encouraged to contact the 6G-BRICKS consortium and communicate their intentions to verify the feasibility of the proposals intended for implementation within the project’s scope. This will also allow them to receive initial feedback on the planned activities outlined in the proposal. To perform the feasibility check, a description of the planned experiment must be sent to, using the template provided below. Please include the short name of the proposal in the email subject line or the first line of the email text. Proposals submitted without passing the feasibility check will be automatically rejected.

The deadline for the feasibility check is 29/02/2024.

Open Call 1 Timeline

1st November 2023

Open Call Announcement

The call has closed. Proposals are now under evaluation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation once you have successfully submitted a request for registration.

Yes, you will receive an email to inform you that your registration has been validated. This email will indicate that you can proceed with your proposal submission.

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation when your application submission is completed and successfully received.

Yes, you will receive an email notifying you of the results of the Open Call. This email will inform you of whether your proposal has been accepted or rejected.

If you do not receive email notifications as expected, please check your spam or junk email folder to ensure that the notifications have not been filtered there. If you continue to experience issues, please contact our support team for assistance.

The amount will be distributed based on the accomplishment of the expected Deliverables established for each Stage in the SubGrant Agreement.

The exact amount of financial support to be granted to each sub-project is up to €120.000 per consortium, split as follows per stage:


Stage duration


Fixed lump sum

Stage 1 Definition

1 month

Individual mentoring plan and definition of work

Up to €18.000 (15%)

Stage 2 Implementation

4 months

Report on sub-project implementation

Up to €84.000 (70%)

Stage 3 Evaluation and feedback

1 month

Project implementation report and feedback on findings

Up to €18.000 (15%)


6 months


Up to €120.000

The grant awarded to the chosen applicants will not impact the ownership of any pre-existing intellectual property, including background technologies, designs, works, inventions, software, data, techniques, know-how, or materials. The third party that contributes with 6GBRICKS will retain ownership of their pre-existing intellectual property.

Beneficiaries must be consortia composed of up to 2 legal entities (SME and/or Big Company and/or RTO) acting as technology providers and/or application providers for use case implementation. All organizations have to be established in any of EU Member States and their Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) or Horizon Europe Associated Country.

6GBRICKS partners can NOT be involved in the grantees’ projects neither their affiliates nor employees – including persons working under employment contract or contract or similar to employment contract and board members.

No, individuals cannot participate. The eligibility criteria specify that participation is for legal entities in Europe and associated countries.

Yes, private for-profit companies, regardless of their size, can receive 100% of the funding for their participation. All contracted applicants will receive 100% of the presented costs.

While there is no prohibition against applying to other SNS projects’ open calls at the same time as applying to 6GBRICKS open call, it’s important to note that double funding for the same activity is not admissible under any circumstances.

Yes, but only up to a maximum of two partners. The target number of participants per proposal is one partner (Coordinator only) or a maximum of two partners (1 Coordinator and 1 partner). In the case of two partners, the proposal would be submitted by one Coordinating partner, and the subgrant agreement would be with the Coordinating partner only. Payments will be made to the coordinator partner, who will then distribute payment to the other consortium member.

Yes, a Declaration of Honour will be requested to be signed during the application stage. A template for the DoH is available on the open call website for you to examine.

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