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6G-BRICKS Second Plenary Meeting in Barcelona

The 6G-BRICKS Project’s recent physical plenary meeting in Barcelona, Spain, marked a significant milestone in its journey. Hosted by i2CAT on March 6th and 7th, the event served as a crucial gathering for all project partners. Participants  presented and discussed the latest advancements, strategies, and upcoming endeavors within the project.

Throughout the meeting, project partners delivered insightful presentations highlighting the progress made thus far and outlining future plans. These presentations delved into various aspects of the project, such as technological developments, research findings, PoCs, dissemination activities, and open calls. This exchange of information not only facilitated knowledge sharing but also fostered collaboration among participants.

Key discussions during the meeting were revolved around refining the project’s work plan to ensure alignment with its objectives and timelines, as well as the finalisation of the implementation schedules, and the allocation of responsibilities. 

Overall, the second physical plenary meeting of the 6G-BRICKS Project in Barcelona  brought together experts from various fields to exchange ideas, address challenges, and chart the course for the project’s continued success in advancing 6G technologies.

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