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6G-BRICKS participated to a Joint Workshop (5G-PINE 2023) in the Framework of the AIAI-2023 International Conference

In conjunction with the recent 19th Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI 2023) International Hybrid Conference (held in Leon, Spain & Web, on June 14-17, 2023), the 8th Workshop on “5G – Putting Intelligence to the Network Edge” (5G-PINE 2023) has taken place, under the organizational framework of the 6G-BRICKS project and by the full supervision and the coordination of OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.). 

This Workshop, being the 8th – in turn – and following to the successful tradition of its predecessors, has been established to disseminate knowledge obtained from ongoing EU projects (coming from the 5G-PPP/H2020 and 6G-IA/SNS frameworks) well as from any other action of EU-funded research, in the wider thematic area of 5G and with the aim of focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in modern 5G and beyond (B5G), telecommunications infrastructures.

For once again, the 5G-PINE 2023 Workshop has emphasized upon presenting associated results, methodologies, trials, concepts and/or other findings originating from technical reports coming from related pilot actions and/or other relevant 5G-/B5G-based applications, intending to enhance intelligence to the network edge.



The 5G-PINE 2023 Workshop was a joint effort for the dissemination of research-based results as well as for the exchange of knowledge between several H2020 EU-funded projects. In particular, three EU-funded H2020/5G-PPP projects (i.e.: SmartGrid (Grant Agreement No.101016912), 5G-ERA (Grant Agreement No.101016681) and MARSAL (Grant Agreement No.101017171)), one EU-funded Horizon Europe/JU-SNS project (i.e., 6G-BRICKS (Grant Agreement No.101096954)) and one EU-funded Horizon Europe (i.e., OASEES (Grant Agreement No.101092702)) have joined their effort towards creating the core context so that to “attract” participation of other projects as well.

Following to the long and effective tradition of past 5G-PINE events, the 2023 Workshop has also been a great success, as a total of thirteen (-13-) papers have been presented and discussed interactively in three distinct sessions, promoting progress originating from nine (-9-) research projects as follows:

  • four (-4-) ongoing H2020/5G-PPP European projects (i.e.: Smart5Grid, 5G-ERA, MARSAL and 5G-VICTORI);
  •  two (-2-) Horizon Europe/JU-SNS projects emphasizing upon 6G aspects (i.e., 6G-BRICKS and ETHER);
  • two Horizon Europe projects (i.e., OASEES and NEMO), and;
  • one specific project (i.e., Immersive Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Center Of Epirus) funded by the Operational Programme NSRF 2014-2020 and co-financed by Greece and the European Union.

The event has been an excellent opportunity for establishing collaboration links and “paths” aiming to exchange knowledge and/or experiences between the participating projects, especially offering to 6G-BRICKS the “ground” for initiating relations and interactivity with the other ongoing projects. 6G-BRICKS’ partner OTE, has been responsible for the organization of the entire Workshop. Dr. Ioannis Chochliouros from OTE (also 5G-PINE Program Chair and Editor of the Proceedings) has prepared a synergetic 6G-BRICKS- based paper where several project’ features have been presented and further assessed.

The Workshop’s organizational process has also been supported by the 6G-BRICKS Project Coordinator, prof. Christos Verikoukis from the Industrial Systems Institute (ISI) / Athena Research Center, Greece.

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