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6G-BRICKS Contributions to Standardization Activities


In our pursuit of defining the future landscape of 6G technologies, 6G-BRICKS has been at the forefront of standardization efforts, aiming to push the boundaries of wireless communication. Within this dynamic environment, our esteemed partner, IDE (InterDigital), has played a significant role in shaping the standardization activities through its innovative solutions and dedicated contributions to various Standard Development Organizations (SDOs).

Views on Channel Modeling for New Use Cases in Rel-19:

IDE’s engagement within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group (TSG) RAN is noteworthy. During the RAN Rel-19 Workshop in June 2023, IDE provided valuable insights into channel modeling for emerging use cases such as Frequency Range 3 (FR3), Integrated Satellite Access (ISAC), and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS). By emphasizing the importance of channel modeling in accommodating these novel techniques, IDE highlighted the critical role of accurate channel models in shaping the trajectory of 6G standards.

Proposals for Enhancing Rel-19 Channel Modeling:
Continuing its active participation, IDE contributed  to discussions at RAN#101 in September 2023. Here, IDE proposed refined scopes for channel modeling studies within Rel-19, focusing on optimizing channel characteristics specific to FR3, ISAC, and RIS applications. 

Insights into Channel Modeling for ISAC:
IDE further solidified its presence in standardization activities during RAN#102 in December 2023. Through focused discussions on channel modeling for ISAC, IDE offered observations and proposals aimed at enhancing the Rel-19 Channel Modeling study specifically for ISAC applications. 

IDE’s active engagement and innovative solutions within these standardization activities exemplify their commitment to driving technological advancements within the 6G ecosystem. By collaborating closely with industry peers and SDOs, we have contributed significantly to shaping the future of 6G standards, thereby reinforcing the collective efforts of the 6G-BRICKS initiative. As we continue to chart the course towards 6G, our expertise and dedication serve as invaluable assets, propelling us towards a future defined by enhanced connectivity and innovation.

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